His Verum Omega

Book Cover: His Verum Omega

A new generation of wolves find love in Mountain Ridge

Jaspar is a young alpha who finds himself torn between worlds. Born as the verum Alpha of a land now occupied by the ruthless Alliance of Wolves, Jaspar and his father were forced to flee their own pack when Jaspar was barely old enough to remember all the Alliance took from him: His mother. His throne. The verum omega who was destined to become his mate.

Raised as a Mountain Ridge wolf, Jaspar would do anything for his family and the friends he grew up with--especially Tyr, the equally kind and gorgeous omega--but he's never been able to escape the feeling that this life doesn't belong to him. Tyr certainly doesn't, but the omega wants him despite his brokenness. Jaspar knows that if he and Tyr are to have any hope of a future together, he has to return home to settle an old score and finally lay the ghosts of his past to rest.

Tyr has everything he could possibly want as the Mountain Ridge Alpha's son. The war with the Alliance has always been a distant threat, one that could never touch his idyllic life so far from the painful past his parents knew. Everything is perfect, until the eve of his seventeenth birthday, when the unthinkable happens: Jaspar announces that he's leaving. With his childhood coming to an abrupt end and the only alpha he's ever loved halfway across the world on a deadly mission, Tyr is left to begin picking up the pieces of his shattered life. He would wait a lifetime for Jaspar, but when the alpha finally returns, will either one of them be the same?