Fairy Tales

Book Cover: Fairy Tales
Part of the Queer Magick series:

Daniel St. James is dead, Holden Adams just sold his soul to a demon, and the sleepy little town of Stillwater, Vermont is on the verge of a rude awakening.

Struggling to come to terms with living on the other side of life, Daniel is more involved in the supernatural chaos that hovers around Holden than he ever wanted to be. Not only did his werewolf best friend imprint on Holden, but Nick's Alpha instincts drive him to see the undead--and Daniel as a newly minted zombie--as prey.

According to the demon Locke, there are perks that come with being the Whore of Babylon, but Holden has yet to discover them. He's still Heaven's public enemy number one and Locke is closer than ever to assembling an ensemble cast of the damned that Holden must bed in order to become the Harbinger of the Apocalypse. It's all a bit much for a former preacher's kid from Arkansas to swallow, but a redneck angel and the increasingly suspicious motives of Dennis Mills make it even harder to separate friends from enemies.

As Holden soon learns, the line between the two isn't always solid. Not in a town like Stillwater.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking, and a revelation from Holden's sealed past could be the revelation that changes the fate of the world. Unfortunately for the world, the Seven are closer to a nightmare than a dream team.