His Reclaimed Omega

MPREG Shifter Romance

Being the only child of a hellhound and a reformed evil genius isn’t easy.

All Nathan Miller ever wanted was to get accepted into the prestigious graduate program at Chase Wesson University. The budding young neuroscientist may be clever, but he’s always struggled to live up to the illustrious--and infamous--reputations of his parents. Just as Nathan is finally about to get his chance at living his own life, one night with the wrong Alpha threatens his pristine reputation--and his future.

Rejected by the omega he loved from an early age, Kent has all but given up on love when an omega from his past shows up needing help.

Kent had a plan. Become a soldier? Check. Grow up and change his troublemaker ways? Check. Find a mate and start the family he’s always wanted? He’s still working on it. The omega he loved is now happily mated with a family of his own, and Kent is starting to think it’s just never going to happen for him. Then Nathan Miller comes back into his life like a whirlwind, carrying another Alpha’s baby and refusing to tell anyone who the father is. Imprinting on Nathan? Not even close to being part of the plan, but the Alpha who never believed in destiny will find himself fighting for it.

Now he just has to convince Nathan that he doesn’t have to give up who he is to be the omega Kent has been waiting for.
Disclaimer: Contains mature content, intended for adult audiences only. See inside cover for additional content warnings. HEA, no cliffhanger.