His Reformed Omega

Book Cover: His Reformed Omega

Can a reformed villain and a hardened soldier find their happily ever after?

Connor grew tired of being used and abused by twisted alphas, so he became a legend. Under the guise of Cutter, the omega survived life in a brothel known as the Parlor, won his freedom and built a vast criminal empire. He might have done it all for the love of his long-lost brother, but years of ruling the underworld that once ruled him have left him cold and ruthless--just the way he likes it. When Connor is captured by his brother's new pack and imprisoned, he's given an unexpected second chance to earn back his freedom, but is it worth the cost of being mated to an alpha?

Duke is an alpha on a mission. He doesn't have the time or the desire to bed an omega, not when he's too busy saving them. As the new leader of the Tribunal Task Force, imprinting on the most infamous criminal in Federation history is the worst thing that could happen to his career. The only problem is, Cutter is as beautiful as he is toxic and Duke is finding it harder and harder to stay away. When social pressure from the Council forces the Mountain Ridge Alpha to integrate his unusual prisoner into pack life, Duke faces an impossible choice: Claim his omega and risk losing everything, or let him fall into the hands of another alpha.

Connor is no docile omega waiting to be rescued, but Duke just might prove to be the alpha he needs--and the only one he can't control.