His Runaway Omega

Book Cover: His Runaway Omega

Benjamin is cursed when it comes to omegas. No, really. He's been matched with three omegas and all three of them ended up in another Alpha's arms. He knows he has what it takes not only to lead his pack as Alpha but to be the mate and father he's always wanted to be, but fate seems to have other ideas. When a problem omega who has been transferred from one home to the next ever since he was rescued from a brutal pack of Arctic wolves falls into his lap, Benjamin is determined to make it work this time, whether fate is on his side or not

It seems like every Alpha in the "civilized" packs that belong to the Federation of Wolves has tried to tame Yuri. He's been sold, traded and abused, but the omega refuses to be broken. Sooner or later, every Alpha who tries to claim him comes to realize that. The problem is, Benjamin Stillwater just doesn't know when to quit. He's unlike any Alpha Yuri has known, and he wants more than just the omega's body. He wants his heart. No matter how hard Yuri tries to push him away, Benjamin remains unyielding. Yuri runs, but an unexpected consequence of one night of passion threatens to undermine the freedom he's fought so long and hard for.

With his devotion tested at every turn, the nice guy Alpha who always puts others ahead of himself will learn that some things are worth fighting for at any cost. Can his runaway omega learn to trust before he runs too far for Benjamin's love to reach, or will Yuri's heart of ice freeze their last chance at love? Only time will tell if a cursed Alpha and a trouble omega can find peace and belonging in the idyllic Cold Water Pack.