His Second Chance Omega

Book Cover: His Second Chance Omega

Miles, affectionately called "Doc" by his packmates in the quaint village of Pine Valley, isn't the typical Council omega. Closer to fifty than he is to forty, the "husky" omega is convinced that his chance at love fizzled out years ago when Lorent, the Alpha he was promised to, refused to mark him. Rather than giving up after being condemned to a loveless mating, Doc chose to put all of his time and his heart into his medical career. If he can't have the family he's always wanted, helping the other families in his pack bring new lives into the world is the next best thing. He's carved out a comfortable if tangential place for himself within Pine Valley, but after the death of his mate in name only, the pack is left in need of an Alpha to lead them. Doc knows better than to think the handsome young Alpha sent to take Lorent's place will even look twice at him. Not when Pine Valley is known for having plenty of beautiful young omegas to choose from.

Blue has a reputation for being accomplished in both his professional and romantic conquests as the head of an elite task force dedicated to tracking and eliminating feral shifters who pose a threat to humans and shifters alike. After ten years of nonstop action, he jumps at the chance to settle down and live a quieter life when his former Alpha and close friend Barnabas offers him a position as the Alpha of a small-town Council pack. Blue is more than ready to answer the call in his heart to find deeper meaning in life, but the last thing he was expecting was to immediately imprint on a Pine Valley omega who's nearly twice his age. Doc might not be what Blue expected, but the omega proves to be everything he never even knew he wanted: kind, brilliant, devoted to his work and capable of making the Alpha's heart stop with a single look. Good thing he knows CPR. The only problem is, Doc is completely incapable of seeing his own worth.

Courting Doc proves enough of a challenge. The omega is as stubborn as he is smart, and a toxic beta who thinks he's the one who really runs Pine Valley is set on keeping them apart. Blue's toughest mission yet will be taking the reins of his new pack while winning his mate's trust.