Their Omega

Book Cover: Their Omega

A relationship between an omega and a beta may be frowned upon by society, but Mel is an omega who lives life on his own terms. He's already been through a difficult medical transition and the hell on earth that was the Mountain Ridge Breeding Program, but he came through it all stronger and determined to protect other omegas from facing the torture and abuse he went through. Mel is far more interested in hunting down rogue alphas than mating with them, and there's not a doubt in his mind that he and the beta Toval were destined for each other. The only thing missing in the omega's strangely perfect life is the family his mate has always wanted. Over the years, Toval has sacrificed a lot for his mate's fast-paced career as the head of the Tribunal Task Force, and Mel knows it's time to settle down. Unfortunately for them both, Mel's last encounter with Cutter, the omega mastermind behind a nefarious omega trafficking ring, has left him marked in more ways than one. When Mel goes undercover at an omega auction to capture Cutter so he can move on with his life, the last thing he expects is for the alpha who places the winning bid on him to imprint.

What starts out as a practical arrangement soon becomes complicated as Mel, an omega who hates alphas, and Hassan, an alpha and single father who never thought he would love again, forge a connection through the unlikeliest of circumstances. Hassan, Mel and Toval will have to reimagine what it means to be a family if they're going to survive the most sinister foe Mountain Ridge has faced yet.